Thursday, 28 January 2010

Playstation Customer Care...

...are brilliant!

So, back in November my PS3 died (A geek's day of mourning), and I had to get it replaced. When I called the helpline I was expecting lots of waiting, moving round to different people... Basically all you'd normally expect from support lines where you want something delivered to you.

But to my shock, I spoke to one guy and he sorted me out with a delivery for 2 days later.

Jump to now, the replacement PS3 I got decides that it should be make more noise in the flat. It's fan is horrendously loud! So loud that I can no longer watch blu-rays without having a window open and the PS3 right next to it to cool it so the fans aren't needed in overdrive.

So, just now I called the wonderful people at Playstation Customer Care, explained the problem, gave them the reference number from my previous dealings with them, and after a 13mins call (which included the time to get through to someone in the first place) I've got a delivery date of tomorrow!! Now THAT is service. And best part is that because I'm still within the 3 months warranty of the replacement model, it's all free. Can't ask for more than that.

Also, I had a concern that some content that is obtained from the Playstation Network only allows downloading onto 5 PS3s... This was slightly worry, considering this was to be my 3rd. But once again PCC come to the rescue and tell me that by decativating my PSN account on the console I'm replacing, it take it out of the pool of 5 consoles allowed.

Is there anything that can't be solved by these people?!

Staff of PCC... Your next assignment... Cancer. I'm expecting it done by the end of the month.


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