Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A geek's day of mourning

Today, my Playstation 3 died.

On the day I am kicked from one club (27) and I am thrown into the group of people that have suffered the YLoD (Yellow Light of Death).

All my data, game saves that I have been creating for the last 2 years are now stuck on the hard drive that I can only access with MY Playstation, which I cannot turn on. So basically, I'm throw back to square 1.

While I get to enjoy older games all over again, the more recent games that I worked hard to accomplish different things in are wiped clean. PSN trophies are stored online, which is something at least.

The moral of the story: BACKUP YOUR GAME SAVES.

You might not think you need to, just like I always thought, but you never know when you will never them the most.


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