Sunday, 24 January 2010

Young (and stupid) drivers

So... I was watching "Police, Camera, Action" and they were doing a special on boys racers and they said that the average insurance premium of the male aged 17-19 is £3,500!! (Apparently 9 times more than females in the same age bracket)

This got me thinking about something I came up with a while ago and never got round to sending it to the PM and a new law that should be imposed on new drivers...

I think that for 2 years after you have passed you test and earn your driving licence you should not be allowed to drive anything more powerful that a 1.2l engine car (or something of a similar restriction).

Too many young (rich parent) kids are learning to drive, passing their tests then getting a brand new 2.5l BMW from mummy and daddy and going out like they know how to drive. They go out, cause accidents, feel bad for 6 seconds, get a smack on the back of the hand for a lame judge and get a new car with the promise that it won't happen again.

If they learnt to actually drive on the road, get experience behind them, we might not lose as many lives pointlessly from morons who think they own the roads because they've got a piece of paper that allows them to operate a car legally.


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