Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"Video games promote hatred, racism, sexism and reward violence"

This quote is from a video that was featured in a recent ps3attitude.com blog and it got me really quite annoyed!

Julie Peasgood. As her article on Wikipedia state:
She is the regular sex expert on The Alan Titchmarsh Show
Why she is commenting on gaming, I've got no idea.

She talks about an American study, 130,000+ kids (note that keyword!) and how they are affected by violent video games. But why were they allowing these heavy rated game to be played by kids?!

What annoys me is the fact that Tim Ingham repeatedly states that video games, like films, are legally rated. This fact is constantly ignored by the rest of the panel.

If children are getting a hold of these games, it is the fault of the parent!

Don't blame the content. Blame the people allowing unsuitable games to be played by underage children!

This is an issue that has come up time and time again. First music was corrupting the young, then it was violent movies, now it's the turn of the video games.

When are they going to stop blaming everything else and start pointing the finger where it belongs? The parents and the upbringing.

Blaming entertainment products for peoples behaviour is an easy way to shift responsibility away from the parents. After all, who is supposed to be monitoring these impressionable kids in the first place?!

I'm a fan of violent video games and (at times, very graphic) horror films. The most trouble I've ever been in? A speeding ticket in 2003. That's it.

When are these people, such as Julie Peasgood, going to get it?! Until they do, their mouths should be in the same state as their minds... Closed.


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