Sunday, 14 March 2010

So... Avatar

Finally got around to watching it (in 2D) yesterday, and it's... ok.

Visually, very nice. I admit I was always looking out for bits that were in the film (almost) just to show of the 3D effect. This was a good thing because it took my attention away from the very annoying plot and main bad-guy.

The idea that a corporation would be willing to wipe out an entire planet's population for mining purposes was just frustrating. It was the story of the Native American's all over again.

Basically, it's Dances with Wolves in space!

The comparisons between this film and the plot of other is quite crazy. It's like they couldn't be bothered to write an original film, but they wanted to play with 3D. The result, Avatar.

I'd watch it again, but only for background noise while I was doing something else.

And seriously... "Unobtainium"?! Until I looked it up, it just made me laugh every time it was mentioned.

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