Saturday, 20 March 2010

Guitar Hero Frustration

I got my first GH game (GH II) for PlayStation 2 from my girlfriend for Xmas 2006 and I had never heard of it... Cut to a few minutes after me starting to play it, and I'm in love with a new format of gameplay. Since then I've had GH3, GH: World Tour, GH: Metallica, GH: Greatest Hits and the latest GH5. So you could say that I'm a fan.

That is what make this blog all the more frustrating to write.

The message is simple: WHY GUITAR HERO?! WHY DO YOU ANNOY ME SO?!!

I recently had issues with my online account, and it ended up with me having to use a different username and losing all the data I had built up over time. This is frustrating. I must admit though, after I complained about the initial problem online, the GH developers did get in contact with me and help me, eventually, get it into some kind of useable state (not that I think I will be using it now).

But my main bone to pick with the game is the DLC. (Almost) every week, there is new DLC for GH5. This is good. What annoys me is the fact the Rock Band also have DLC out every week and it's kicks the shit out of the GH DLC every week.

GH give you 3 tracks at about £1.70 each (can't remember the exact price).

Rock Band give you at least 6 tracks, each at 99p!

Why?! Why the price difference and why the volume difference??

Having never actually played RB, I don't know if the game is THAT much more simple/cutdown than GH or what. The only thing I know for sure is that GH have an extra drum pad to deal with. But if that was all, why THIS much of a price and volume difference??

RB: Green Day is coming out soon. Think it'll be time to try walking on the other side for a bit.


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