Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pope hatred and judge cancer ... Begin rant

Pope hatred

I'm not sure if anyway has read/hear news recently about the Pope's fresh attack on homosexuals, but I read a good response to it in the Metro this morning, that he shouldn't be allowed to visit Britain as he is inciting hatred. I completely agree with this.

Why do people of religious belief think that they can get away with such vile outbursts just because their version of history suggests these things are wrong?

It reminds me of an interesting video I saw on YouTube about an Australian reporter asking a christian priest about the bible's views on homosexuals. He brought up a good point about how a man with glasses isn't to be trusted!

Meant to be a comedy video, but kind of highlights some of the hypocrisy. (See bottom of blog for video)

My thought: Religion is fucked up!

Judge cancer

Again in the Metro today, I read a response to a story about a judge who recently reduced a paedophile's sentence as "he decided that a 'higher power' had already punished him by giving him cancer". This pisses me off!

Like the decision of release the Lockerbie bomber and Ronnie Biggs on compassionate grounds, it's bollocks!

Yes they are dying, but aren't we all?! Why should these people be let off easy because they are dying?

If I find out I've got 3 months to live and go on a killing spree, should I assume that I can then spend the rest of my days out free to do what I want because locking me away would be cruel?!

The Lockerbie bomber killed 270 people. Served 8 and a half years of a life sentence (minimum 20 years).

Ronnie Biggs beat the driver of a train with an iron bar, stole £2.6m, escaped from prison after 2 years, left the country for 36 year, came back and was imprisoned for 8 years. Served a total of 10 years of a 30 years sentence.


End of rant.


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  1. Life should mean just that Life. You go in your kept alive and uncomfortable for as long as possible and your not allowed to die of any thing other than time. Such a better punishment.