Thursday, 31 December 2009

Resolutions of 2009 (A reflection of the year)

So, last December I made the following new years resolutions: (taken from a deviantART journal entry)
- Take more photos. If I see a good target, shot it!
- Look into starting Karate again (it's been 7 long years since training stopped)
- Get (at least) 5km fit for Nov. 3rd
- Research more about what I do in my career. Better thy self.

Have I kept to them? Let's see.


I have been taking more photos, and some new work has gone up onto deviantART but not as much as I'd like. Now that I have a premium membership I hope that I'll be more productive with my photography. I may try the whole, take a picture of yourself everyday thing. Might force me to think more about it.


This one has just been flat out fail. I haven't started again. I suck.


I probably could run 5km by Nov. 3rd, but I never tried. My training was going well(-ish) up until December. Kind of fell apart though. This has to be rectified, starting Jan. 2nd.


Over the past year I have learnt to be more confident in myself and my abilities when it comes to my job. I'm still finding that sometimes holding myself back for too long before I force myself to "fake it 'til I make it". It's coming with time and experience, just got to keep it up.

What's in store for 2010? More of the same really, only a lot more of it. More photography, more training, more confidence in myself in my career. Nothing new, just consistent. I think it's easier to focus on things you are already doing than try to force new rules and regulations on yourself every new year.

I guess we shall see how I've done in 12 months.

Happy new year all.


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