Friday, 27 November 2009

Posting your DeviantART gallery to Twitter

I recently discovered someone awesome and have decided to share.

I use TwitterFeed to post new blog entries, such as this one, to my Twitter profile. This is much more efficient than having to manually go and do it myself. What TwitterFeed does is watch an RSS feed of my blog, and when it is updated, tells the (Twitter) world about it.

I wanted to do this for my deviantART gallery too. I saw that you can have an RSS feed of your DA journal, but I couldn't find anything for a deviants gallery. So I tried playing with the RSS url and guess what I did... Hacker extreme!! I managed to find the right url.

So, like with this blog, I simply added the RSS url to TwitterFeed and, like magic, all new additions to my DA gallery are now posted to my Twitter profile, with shortened link too.


For those wishing to use this, the DA gallery RSS feed url is:{YOUR USERNAME GOES HERE}


NOTE: For those following me and wonder why my TwitterFeed posts have #fb at the end, this is for my Facebook profile. I'm using an application called "Selective Twitter Status" that watches my Twitter updates and pulls out ones with #fb and sets it to my FB status.

All these goings on, TwitterFeed watching RSS, STS watching Twitter... I feel a bit like Big Brother.

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