Thursday, 21 May 2009

TRAINING#010 The gym

So, the gym going has begin and it has begin well. Induction on Thursday, first session Saturday afternoon, went again on Tuesday evening. I think it's going to be a regular thing, but only time will tell.

So far I've found that I can do 5 minutes at 7.5kmph on an incline of 1% on the tredmill.

This is very good.

Will help me learn to pace myself. Also started weight training. Starting small and working my way up, don't want any injures.

Here's how it goes so far:

- 3x 10 leg extensions on each leg @ 7.5kg
- 3x 10 leg curls on each leg @ 12.5kg
- 30x chest extensions @ 12.5kg
- 50x lateral pull downs @ 12.5kg

Not 100% sure on those names and weights, will have to start taking note each time I go to track my progress.

But so far, so good.


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