Monday, 17 November 2008

TRAINING#004 Ok, end of week 2...

The distractions re starting to gather, all jumping around me shouting "Waste time on me!"... and repeat.

As a big Playstation fan, GTA:IV with trophies proves very very tempting to go through the whole game

again. Add this to Guitar Hero World Tour... Lots of time in front of the TV. Plus Angel season 5 yet to watch.

Right, back to the runnning thing.

Monday saw the first (of many to come) training "session", and I think it went well. Althought it did teach me that stretching must be involved. There should've been 2 more sessions as well as exercise today...

- On Wednesday... My dog ate it. (Can't remember why I didn't go for a run)
- On Friday I went to see my mum (and collect GHWT) which included having major issues with asthma related ill health.
- Saturday catch up of Friday. Asthma related injures. Back muscles pulled to hell, tied to a tree then pulled back again.
- Sunday... GHWT.

I really need to kick my ass!

1085 days to go.



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