Monday, 10 November 2008

TRAINING#002 Week 1 ends in disappointment

Let's not start as I mean to go on.

Monday was my birthday and as I was going out for a run it started to rain. As I was not prepared for it, I replaced my workout for Monday with 60 minutes on Wii Fit.

The rest of the week was not so successful.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are rest days... So they were done as planned.

Wednesday, Quantum of Solace (Orange Wednesday). So that rules that day out.

Friday went to see Avenue Q (birthday present) so didn't go for a run. Was going to make up for it on Saturday, but went to see England Rugby Union at Twickenham.

I did 30minutes Wii Fit today, that's something at least.

I can say that it won't happen again, that from now on I'll keep up the running schedule, but I'm not that stupid.

I know that there will be times when I miss days. But I've hust got to try my best to not let them add up.

Discovered Nike+ on my iPod which may help training. Will have to investigate.

Week 2 must be better.


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