Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Review - Cross Country (James Patterson)

James Patterson's 14th Alex Cross adventure takes him across the globe in search of a gang of killers that murdered an old college friend of his who was writing a book on the political corruption going on in Africa. Sounds like it going to be a good one... Or maybe not.

I've been trying to not think of the Alex Cross series as going downhill, as I have read many people believe, but this latest instalment (to my reading list) is showing to prove the theory.

While I can't really fault the book for being a page turner (a James Patterson speciality) it did seem that there were chapters for chapters sake. There was quite a pattern of 2/3 pages chapters, many of which lead right on from each other.

I'd love for this series to go back to the days of the first 7-10 books, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen.

We shall just have to see what Mr. P throws at us next in "I, Alex Cross"


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  1. I seriously think this one was ghost-written. Is Patterson in a coma somewhere, in an undisclosed location? I mean, really — multiple exclamation points per page, italicized words to emphasize now or "he was shooting at me! … or similar drivel.

    It's hugely disappointing. I'll probably wind up reading I, Cross simply because I'm a devoted Cross fan. But it is getting tedious.